Day in the Life | Baby Isabella (July 2018)

Isabella is six months old today! Here’s what our day was like yesterday, from her perspective:

I woke up quietly, as I always do, but mama comes in to check on me regularly (she really ought to just get a video monitor) and at 9:15 she found me awake. I had been enjoying the beauty and wonder of the ceiling fan but when I saw her I became so happy!

She makes me smile, I just love her so much!

She picked me up and we went to the changing table. She took off the disposable diaper and put on a cloth one.

For some reason, she looked proud of herself for doing this.

I played with my feet for a bit and then she carried me into the living room.

We sat on a blanket on the floor. I thought I lost her for a minute but then I found her! She was behind me!

My fourteen year old brother came over to see me. He’s always so funny. I like the silly faces he makes.

Mama needed to eat breakfast so she put me in my swing. I like sitting up and holding my toys.

I told mama that once she was done, I would need to have my breakfast.

After we’d both eaten, my fourteen year old brother showed us a video game that he tried to talk mama into letting him play but she said it’s too violent. I agree.

Mama let me watch Baby Einstein in my bouncer while she went to the shoe store. Don’t worry, all of my siblings watched me while she was gone.

When she came home, they told her I’d just fallen asleep.

It would have been nice if she’d let me stay there but she was worried that my two year old sister would wake me with her noise, and she was probably right, so she moved me to our room.

I didn’t appreciate that.

I was fine with my five minute power nap, however, and I was happy that mama was home!

She took me into my eighteen year old sister’s room for tummy time. I have tried telling them that I don’t like it much but they say it’s good for me.

I could only take so much and then I asked my sister to bring me back to mama. She was making lunch.

Then she was doing laundry. (She’s always so busy!) I started feeling sleepy and it was also about time for my lunch so she stopped working and fed me.

Nursing always relaxes me.

After that, I took a long nap. It felt so good.

Mama wanted to go to the post office and store in the afternoon so she came in our room to wake me up but I was already awake and doing my leg stretches!

My big brothers were going to stay home and when the six year old one attempted to kiss me goodbye, I wasn’t quite sure about it.

I like my car seat pretty well. Going places is fun.

When we got to the bank, my sister went inside while mama got me out of my seat and took me to the front with her.

Mama decided I might be ready to eat again. She was right.

Then I needed to poop. I can’t believe I haven’t been potty trained yet! Ha, just kidding.

I enjoyed watching everybody from my swing once we were back home.

When I got tired of that, I went to my sister’s room to watch I Love Lucy with her.

A little while later, we went out into the living room to play blocks with my two year old sister while my mama talked with my brother and other sister.

My brother held me for bit and made deep, vibrating sounds in my ear. That felt funny and I liked it!

My six year old brother asked to hold me. He’s funny and I like watching him play and run around but he has a hard time holding me. It might be because I’m half his size!

I sat in the bouncer while mama made dinner. I liked watching her and playing with my feet.

Just after she finished eating, I was ready for an after-dinner nap.

Mama woke me up after a little while because of something called “preserving bedtime,” whatever that means.

I didn’t mind too much and I became happy when mama sat on the floor with my two year old sister in the living room to play with blocks and I could watch them.

I started feeling kind of grumpy and my two year old sister was ready to go to bed. The night was coming to a close.

My eighteen year old sister changed my diaper and held me while mama put our two year old sister to bed. Then I went with her to sing and say goodnight to my six year old brother. Mama has the most beautiful voice, I could listen to her sing all night! I think my brother could, too.

It was finally time for me to go to bed. Mama had to spray and suction my nose out like she does every night. I don’t know why, but if she doesn’t, my nose gets all stuffy while I sleep. I also have to have my head elevated…again, because of stuffiness. It’s frustrating but mama has it figured out!

I was ready for sleep! Mama fed me one more time and put me to bed. I think she came to bed a short time later, but I can’t be sure – she’s so quiet!

And that was our day. Thanks for reading!

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