The Carefree Days of Summer

I read blogs about summer all summer long. Many of them are written by mothers who feel joy because they are experiencing the magic and wonder of carefree days. Mothers who are noticing that the normal speed of their life seems to have temporary slowed down.

They bask in their newfound ability to stay up late with their kids, or sleep in, or just have a relaxed existence together. Their family takes a break from clubs and sports and homework, and they feel the relief.

These same mothers, who may feel a bit unsure how they are going to fill the time between now and when school starts again, are ever mindful of the words, “I’m bored,” and look for ways to prevent them from being spoken too often. They remember summers of their youth with whimsy and hope to somehow recreate those memories with their youngsters. They might have trips planned to fun places like movie theaters and amusement parks, or they feel time spent at home making crafts and eating homemade popsicles is more memorable. They take them to the pool for the day or the campgrounds for the weekend. Whatever they do, they are happy to be with their kids and it shows in their writing. They share a little bit more of themselves in these posts and the reader finds it easy to understand why summer is so sweet to them.

One post, in particular, caused a stir in me the other day. It took me back to my early days as a mother. My daughter was two and I decided to make a scrapbook of our adventures together that summer. We had very little money so our outings were simple and inexpensive but they were fun and the photos I placed in the book represented our precious time together. It was during that summer, among the the trips to the duck pond and the nature preserves, while printing Sesame Street coloring pages,  that I realized I didn’t want this way of living to end. I wanted our lives to be slower paced and full of experiences that made learning both fun and natural without any pressures on our time or efforts. I wanted to be led by each day rather than by a schedule.

That summer, sixteen years ago, was when I decided that we’d homeschool.

While our lifestyle has, in many ways, remained relaxed through the years, I have unfortunately let challenges of life distract me from the way of living that I originally desired. But I’m back. I am present with my kids again and I’m ready for adventure. My baby-making days have just ended and I am now ready to roll about with my husband just for the fun of it!

Even though autumn will surely come to Georgia in a few months’ time, my family will still be enjoying the sweetness of summer. The late nights, the read alouds, the nature hikes, the campfires and the marshmallows. Nothing is stopping us from enjoying a slower-paced life. Most things are more beautiful when you slow down to appreciate them.

I hope you’re enjoying your summer. ❤️

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I am a happily married mom of five living in the beautiful state of Georgia.

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