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My Weight Loss Story

In the fall of 2006, I was watching The Biggest Loser and it motivated me so much that I began making healthy changes in my own life and losing weight. Over about six months, I lost twenty-four pounds (from 142 to 118) and I became the healthiest I have ever been. I felt SO good! I had energy and strength and I had CONFIDENCE. I felt sexy and petite.

I liked how I felt and it was difficult for me when I got injured in 2008 and could no longer do much exercise. I still kept the same eating habits, though, so I didn’t gain much weight. My size basically stayed the same but I didn’t have the muscle tone that I once did.

In 2011, I got pregnant with my third baby and had a very healthy nine months. I was able to exercise again, I was a vegetarian after the first trimester, and I kept my weight gain to a minimum by making healthy choices. The total I gained was twenty-nine pounds.

After having him, I immediately lost fifteen pounds but then never a pound more! I held onto the baby weight because I was spending any and all free time I had on blogging. I researched and wrote articles, collaborated with others, hosted giveaways, and threw blog parties. I didn’t make time to exercise or eat right.

After years of trying, we finally got pregnant again in 2015. Because I had that extra weight on me still, I didn’t need to gain the normal 25-35 lbs they always recommend. I watched what I ate, restricted myself from eating sweets because they made my heart race, and exercised once the risk of preterm labor was over. I ended up only gaining 21 lbs (she was born on my due date!)

After having her, I lost all of the weight without even trying. She was my first c-section and it was a hard recovery so I wouldn’t recommend that as a fun way to lose weight! Not at ALL. I hurt for months because of her position during the pregnancy (which ended up being the reason for the surgery).

Anyway, eleven months later, I conceived again (very unexpectedly!) and over the course of the pregnancy I gained almost forty pounds. I had complications which prevented me from exercising and I honestly didn’t care too much about my weight. I knew she’d be my last baby and I figured, what difference did it really make?

So, here we are, at six months postpartum, and I am nearly the same weight as I was in the fall of 2006 before ever starting changing my lifestyle. But I’m happy. I’m enjoying breastfeeding my last baby and I’m having fun with my kids. I have been making healthier choices lately and planning meals again so when I finally find the motivation to workout, I’m sure I’ll begin losing the weight more rapidly (it’s coming off slowly at this point).

But I’m no longer as worried about that number on the scale. I’m much more concerned with how I feel (am I hurting? do I have energy?) and how I’m acting with my husband and kids (am I being patient? do I feel grumpy?) I’m happy with my body for all the amazing things it has done, and continues to do. And my family loves me the same no matter my size. 🙂

4 thoughts on “My Weight Loss Story”

    1. It’s been interesting to see which babies brought about instant weight loss and which ones didn’t.
      Yeah, idk what it is but I THINK about working out all the time but never actually DO IT!! 😛


      1. It’s just soooo much effort to turn on the tv and get to YouTube! I did do some Pilates this morning, though! The Balanced Life Online’s YouTube channel had a couple postpartum workout routines that are great for getting started again.

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      2. My issue is that I am never sure when to fit it in to my jam-packed day. I need to work on that because I don’t WANT to have a jam-packed day!
        Btw, good job! I like pilates. 🙂

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