Easy Ways to Boost Your Mood as a Stay at Home Mom

We all need a boost sometimes. Here are some ways to be encouraged while living the life of a stay at home mom!


Even if things are hairy at your house, with the baby needing you and the the older kids less than quietly playing, talking or fighting, you can still chat on the phone by way of texting. See what a friend is up to or send a sweet note to the hubby. Having adult conversation with those who know you personally and care about you can brighten your day.


Adding background music to your home can help set the mood. At the very least, it can boost your spirits when you might need it. So create a playlist or pop in a favorite CD and enjoy some songs while you go about your day! I like having playlists for specific purposes; one for upbeat, feel good songs, another for times I need encouragement, and one with simply beautiful melodies and/or lyrics. You can enjoy musical me time no matter who’s at home with you. 🙂


Being reminded of Who loves me, and reading the truth and wisdom found in the Bible, is the best way to give myself a lift. Writing or typing verses that speak to you, and posting them around your house is a wonderful way to spend moments with the Lord through your day.


Positive quotes are a fun and encouraging way to decorate the home. Stop by Pinterest for all of two seconds and you’ll be set! My favorite quotes tend to be presidential ones (they’re some smart guys!) as well as by authors of the past. If you only have a few minutes, simply reading uplifting quotes can do the trick but writing them out and placing them strategically a few places in your space can be even better.


As unhappy as a lot of people seem to be by how others portray their lives on social media, I have found some real encouragement. I am only on Instagram (and have only been there for a few weeks) but I love it! The handful of people I follow do a fantastic job of making me smile in agreement or even tear up when what they say hits home for me. I feel a little less alone at those moments and that’s a good thing.

I would say avoid following accounts that make you experience jealousy or ones that easily cause you to become judgmental. The goal is to be happier than you were before getting on, not less so.


Pray without ceasing is an interesting instruction for us. Why would He say that? Because He is with us all the time and we are to be comforted by His Presence! Talk to Him throughout your day and you will be blessed.

-Food Choices-

Taking care of our bodies is super important and eating contributes greatly to that care. I’m finding that I need only to plan healthy, fairly easy options for myself and I will grab those throughout the week. This makes me proud of myself and helps me feel better physically than if I’d eaten junk.


I know, I know. It’s tough to workout if you’re in need of a boost but here’s the thing: exercise CAUSES a boost! Listen to Nike and Just Do It!

-Make Plans-

It doesn’t take time away from your kids for you to think about fun, future plans. A great contributor to our happiness is having things to look forward to. So come up with ideas for places you go, things you will see, and people you will catch up with. Even if the plans have to wait awhile before they are fulfilled, the planning and preparing can give you a marvelous boost!

Can you add to this list? I’d love to hear your mood-boosting ideas!

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I am a happily married mom of five living in the beautiful state of Georgia.

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