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Get to Know Me | 25 Facts

  1. I am crazy about my husband, Stephen. We’ve been together for twenty years and in many ways I love him more now than I did at the beginning of our relationship (which is saying a lot!)
  2. We have been a homeschooling family since 2004. I like it some days, I love it other days, and then there are days when I would rather be home alone. Probably hormones talking there.
  3. I could eat pizza every day and be happy. Different crusts and toppings, maybe, but every day. Pizza.
  4. I haven’t worn nail polish in about fifteen years because toxins. Once Isabella is weaned I am going to try some natural brands. I miss painting my nails.
  5. I am not on social media. Don’t know why but it’s not for me. I tried Instagram again recently but nope, still not a good fit.
  6. I have five kids and I love them to bits. I have had three vaginal births and two c-sections. Click here to read my birth stories.
  7. I was born and raised in Michigan. I miss the snow but not the winter that lasts for half the year. Of course, I traded it for summer that lasts half the year. #cantwin
  8. I love psychology. I am currently learning about cognitive behavior therapy to help me with my intense fear of my children getting sick. I think there may be some unresolved PTSD there.
  9. My favorite male author is John Steinbeck. The beginning for me was Of Mice and Men, but he kept me around with The Winter of Our Discontent and Cannery Row. Still haven’t read The Pastures of Heaven and I should.
  10. I learned to sew in 2015 while pregnant with Elizabeth. I made burp cloths, bibs and cloth diapers. I don’t know why but it made me feel so much more womanly when I finally learned how to use a sewing machine!
  11. I am excited to become a wine connoisseur once I’m no longer breastfeeding. I’m serious! And my daughter, Maggie, wants to join me once she’s twenty-one.
  12. I used to sing. I was in choir all through school and was accepted into the Michigan State Honors Choir after auditioning. It was a very rewarding experience.
  13. I have breastfed for a combined total of 75 months! The first four were 14m+16m+25m+14m and we’re six months in right now (almost seven, actually!) with Isabella. Who would’ve thought that this B-cup mama could do such a thing? lol
  14. I was a good student in school but I talked a lot. I still do.
  15. I have had a smartphone since 2015. It was a cheap Nokia Lumia but I loved it. I used it until this past February when most of the apps suddenly stopped working. I don’t know what Windows’ problem is. Now I have an iPhone and I can’t say many positive things about it except that Life360 is a fantastic app and the phone’s camera is pretty good.
  16. My favorite female authors are Lynn Austin and Anita Shreve. Austin writes amazing historical fiction and Shreve is a just a great storyteller. If you haven’t read Sea Glass, you should.
  17. As a teen, I wanted to be a flight attendant for Delta. I love traveling and flying so it seemed a perfect fit. But then I met my hubby and started having babies with him instead!
  18. A few of my favorite movies are Waking Ned Devine, Mad Money, Jurassic Park, Titanic, and The Holiday.
  19. I have a relationship with the Lord but I don’t really like identifying as a Christian because many have given the title a bad name. I guess that’s true of most religions.
  20. My favorite male singer is John Mayer. His poetry and voice are amazing.
  21. I know a good amount of American Sign Language. I began learning it when I was pregnant with Joshua in 2003. I sign it as Signed English because ASL grammar is hard. I am still learning new signs all the time. Elizabeth knows and uses sign language a lot to communicate even though she is hearing.
  22. My favorite female singer is Celine Dion. She has such a unique voice, is an amazing performer, and has a beautiful personality.
  23. I have had three miscarriages.
  24. My favorite season is fall and my favorite holiday is Christmas.
  25. I am an introvert/extrovert mix. I really don’t know which I am or if you have to be just one.

Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “Get to Know Me | 25 Facts”

  1. Okay, there are SO many things I love about this! Wow, you are a dedicated momma! Homeschooling, “extended” breastfeeding, ASL… these are all things I’m interested in but haven’t yet pursued. Your post inspired me to commit to doing at least one 🙃 Also, I think you would LOVE books by Francine Rivers, specifically the Mark of the Lion series. One of my – if not my top – favorite series. Last thing and then I’m done 😅 I understand feeling disconnected from Christianity. Our pastor gave a wonderful sermon on nominal Christianity on Sunday, if you want to check it out 👉🏻
    Keep doing you, momma 💛

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  2. I could also eat pizza every day. And after Dolly Parton (absolutely adore her), Celine Dion is my second favourite female singer. I also cannot believe how long you have been breastfeeding! So much respect to you for that.

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  3. Before we moved here to Italy, we lived in Monterey, CA, only about 2 blocks from Cannery Row. I don’t really like Steinbeck, but I did enjoy that book because it all happened right there! Tim and I went to see The Holiday the day before we decided to give our relationship a go, so I think of it as a pre-date. And don’t worry about not doing social media… it’s kind of a waste of time. I am on Facebook only (Twitter is dumb and IG is addictive), but that’s really because I live so far away from my family and friends. It’s still a huge time-waster.


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