Living in Georgia

Beautiful Kudzu

I know many people dislike the vined plant, and for obvious reasons, but kudzu holds a special place in my heart and I think it always will.

Growing up in the north, I didn’t see it around every corner or hear people talking about how difficult it is to get rid of. I only ever saw it while visiting this beautiful state that I currently reside in. Because our visits to Georgia only happened in June or July, kudzu meant travel, adventure and summer. Of course that left a sweet taste in my mouth!

It meant school was out, swimming was in, and all the joys of vacation were in full swing. It represented freedom from the everyday, I suppose.

It fascinates me how kudzu appears to create a sort of blanket over all that is beneath it. It is, in many ways, very similar to snow in that it beautifies a place with ease. But at the same time there is a tropical wildness I pick up on as well.

I love how green it makes everything, so alive and vibrant. It is, perhaps a similar liveliness that one witnesses from a countryside in the spring. It’s simply breathtaking.

I hope I never tire of the beauty found in kudzu. And I hope my children appreciate things this silly and share them with others.

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