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Thoughts & Happenings 9/14/18

I can’t believe it’s already the middle of September, can you?! This month has simply flown by, mostly because of good things going on.

Isabella is seven months old and started cutting her first tooth a few days ago. 🙂 It’s super cute, of course! I’m a bit concerned for it coming in more, though, because she has a tendency to bear down when she’s done nursing and it’s uncomfortable even with gums alone never mind teeth!!! But I’ll be okay and  she’ll eventually learn.

Samuel is doing a lot better with school (we were having some major problems in August) and now it’s actually pretty fun to teach him. We have added busy work to his day so that his mind has more to focus on and to keep it, well – busy! He is doing connect the dots to 100, phonics worksheets, a new coloring book (he has never willingly colored in his life, I literally had to teach him how and now he likes it), challenging mazes, educational shows, and a phonics app. We also stopped all use of the PS4 and reduced freedom on his tablet (no random kid shows anymore, just educational ones like Wild Kratts).

He is making progress with reading, too now that I am using dyslexic-friendly resources. 🙂 I’m definitely trying to make it fun. Yesterday, he followed ten clues around the house and the last one led to a little treasure box full of three fun size candy bars. He did great and read probably 75% of the words on the clues. What’s crazy is that I clearly remember doing this with Maggie when she was little! And that was, what, like twelve years ago?

Joshua continues to love gaming (specifically Fortnite, Black Ops 4, and more recently Pub G mobile with Maggie). He’s doing well with school, though, otherwise the gaming would cease to continue. I’m proud of Joshua. He’s doing a mixture of grade levels at the moment and I am not sure what will happen as the year continues. He’d be in ninth grade if he were in school but that’s not how homeschooling works, lol.

We bought Maggie and Joshua season passes to Six Flags Over Georgia during the flash sale a few weeks ago and they only cost five dollars more than buying a one day ticket online. O_O The even more amazing part is that the passes are good for the rest of this year and all of next year! Plus they came with free parking. We went ahead and got meal passes which were discounted too, and they each helped pay. They went together last weekend and had a blast. It’s wild to have kids old enough to drive to an amusement park and stay all day alone without me!! I love it but it’s wild.

Joshua is sick (probably from Six Flags) and I had to call his doctor last night because he said his throat was feeling tight. :/ Thankfully, I had an oral steroid in the refrigerator leftover from when Samuel and Elizabeth were sick in March. He took three teaspoons and he said it almost immediately helped. 🙂 I have to take him to the doctor this afternoon.

Stephen has been working nights this week and last which is hard on both of us. I’m handling it a lot better than I used to with the anxiety it causes so I’m happy about that. But he’s exhausted. 😦

Elizabeth is making so much progress with talking/signing and with outings that we go on. I am SO HAPPY that I can say that!! 😀 She’s a little sweetheart.

Since my last doctor appointment several weeks ago, I’ve been focusing on making healthy changes in hopes of lowering my blood pressure naturally and so I was really relieved to see a great reading at the store on Wednesday! Reducing stress and salt have helped. 🙂

Well I guess that’s it. I have to get going as I have school lessons and housework to do before Joshua’s appointment. Hope your weekend is fabulous!

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