Thoughts & Happenings 11/20/18

Isabella is officially crawling! 🙂 She will be ten months old next week. It seems to have taken her a bit longer to master than I remember the other kids taking but she’s definitely her own little person and has her way of doing things. 😉

I started sleep training her over the weekend and saw great results. I had been putting it off because of how upset Elizabeth got when I did it with her at ten months (even though it DID quickly work and things improved drastically for us back then) but Izzy didn’t get mad the way her older sister did so I needn’t have worried. The first time took twenty-five minutes, then seventeen, then ten, and now it only takes about seven minutes for her fall asleep. I’m standing right there singing quietly, the only thing that’s changed is that I’m not nursing her to sleep. I now nurse her completely away from nap and bedtime (except for the middle of the night).

Stephen and I have decided that Joshua is no longer allowed to talk with anyone in online servers on his PS4. It has not been good for him to have all these “friends.” These guys feel free to say anything and everything (and they DO!) and it’s just gotten to the point that we have had to say enough. He will be fifteen next month. I’ve told him he is welcome to talk in online servers once he’s eighteen but not before. He actually took it really well! He knows he can play and talk with guys he knows personally so I think he knows we’re right in protecting him from the other garbage.

Stephen thought he was going to have to work last night at one (am) but then his boss called and told me (Stephen was already trying to sleep) that the job canceled and he didn’t have to be in until 7am. 😀 I still definitely struggle with night time anxiety when he’s not here but it’s nothing like it once was.

I’m happy to report that homeschooling is getting easier and the boys are catching up and advancing. I’ll write more about it later but I’m just relieved and pleased to see that my pregnancies, miscarriage, births, and postpartum months don’t seem to have permanently damaged their educations!

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