Thoughts & Happenings 11/21/18

I might have found a way to help Elizabeth be okay about getting ready for the day without her assuming/insisting that we go somewhere. Instead of changing her clothes completely, I realized that I could just change her shirt, leaving on her sweatpants. This transitional technique might be the way we’re going to help prevent meltdowns (for a long time now she has stayed in pajamas all day unless we’re leaving the house because of how upset it would make her).

So I tried it this morning when I changed her diaper for the first time. Even though she was very upset when I put her new shirt on her (I had to hold her down) she recovered quickly and then I took her in the bathroom to brush her hair followed by going to the kitchen to get her toothbrush. She was absolutely fine then and what’s better is that she didn’t ask about going bye bye! Progress!! It will be so nice to see her in other tops at home instead of always white t-shirts!

I bought her some foam alphabet letters and numbers (the ones for the bath) and she identified many letters and all the numbers! So smart. 😀

Stephen did have to work last night (1:30am, yuck!) but now he’s off and home for several days!

This morning, we had a normal school day but this afternoon I will be prepping and cooking for tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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