An Intriguing Introduction (…I Hope!)

I was going to be a flight attendant for Delta.

Or, maybe join the Army.

Instead, I met a man and fell madly in love with him, got married and started having his babies! Talk about an unexpected turn of events. I went from being tough and independent to being feminine and completely content by his side. Both are awesome paths in life, but I was meant to walk the second.

Many years have passed since then. Don’t worry, we’re still together and we now have five kids under our roof! Our story has been amazing and heartbreaking and scary. It’s been all the things. None of it’s what I expected when I marched into adulthood but I try to be thankful every day for the love I’ve shared through the years and for everything I’ve learned.

It’s funny how things work out, isn’t it?

We never expect our future. We can try to coordinate things. Oh, we plan. But the future is out of our control. Things happen all the time that change the course of our lives.  It’s really quite incredible. Every day has the potential for changing the path we’re on. And maybe it’s not even always because of the choices we make. Maybe someone we love dies, or there’s an accident at work, or a new person moves in across town who will eventually mean something to us. We just never know!

So, while I’m doing my best to process how I got here and where I’m going, I want to take a moment to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and also offer a big WELCOME to my blog! I hope you stay awhile!

me and our youngest, Isabella (or Izzy, for short)

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