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5 Reasons I’m Writing a Blog in 2019 (and Why I Didn’t Last Year)

Hi and welcome back!

If you missed my introduction post, please check it out here. Otherwise, let’s talk about blogging, shall we? So, why blog? That’s the big question. Well, let’s start with why I couldn’t last year.

2018 was one of the hardest years of my life . I had a baby at the end of January after a difficult pregnancy, and while I was (and AM) absolutely smitten with her, I have found it impossible to fully enjoy her first year because of other challenges going on. My daughter, Elizabeth, was nineteen months old when Isabella was born and she was…well, as we are now starting to understand, she was/is autistic. I won’t even begin to try and convey just how difficult things have been but suffice to say that I am glad the year is over!

So now you can better understand why I wasn’t blogging last year. I tried! But when I’m overwhelmed or unhappy, I can’t write. I don’t want to share the sadness, I’d much rather wait until it’s passed. Even though things are still hard, they ARE getting better.

Here are the reasons why I feel ready to blog in 2019:

-Reason #1 –

I have a lot to say!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed talking. As a child in elementary school – in Kindergarten, even – I couldn’t stop talking! I was a bright student but I couldn’t shut up. What can I say? It’s fun to talk and it gives my busy mind something to do. I like having conversations and I don’t even mind monologuing (Incredibles reference, there); any kind of talking will do. Except arguing, that’s no fun and it raises my blood pressure! Blogging gives me a voice and I like that.

– Reason #2 –

I don’t have many people in real life to talk to.

I spend almost all of my time with my kids and while I love talking to them and my husband (who is home with a broken wrist for the time being), I still need others to chat with.

– Reason #3 –

I have a purpose for writing again.

I am feeling motivated to share what I’ve been learning and continue to learn, and to open up about the reality of life with a high needs child. It’s something a lot of parents are silently going through but I want to talk about it.

– Reason #4 –

I love reading blogs and meeting new people.

It is a great joy to sit in my own home and talk to people in other states and countries, become friends with people I would not otherwise have gotten to meet, and learn from their cultures and experiences.

– Reason #5 –

My outlook has changed.

I was unhappy for most of this past year, living in survival mode, but I don’t ever want to spend another year (or even a month!) of my life that way. I want to be positive and mindful of the Lord’s guidance – I am not alone!

So those are the reasons I’m blogging this year. Why are you? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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