About Me

Oh, hi there! Welcome to Wife Atlanta Life. šŸ™‚ I’m Valerie and I will be your host, err, blogger for the duration of your stay. I’m glad you’re here! Seems like most people these days are over on YouTube watching videos instead of on WordPress reading blog posts. Which makes you special! So thank you and welcome!!

I am a reader, too. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy watching a few people on YT but blogging is where my heart is. I love the creativity of designing and writing for a blog. I have always felt that a person’s favorite blog should be their own because it means they are happy and passionate about it. šŸ˜€

So there you go! Now, a little about me (since that’s why you clicked this page!)

Again, my name is Valerie. I’m a few years away from forty but still look like I’m approaching thirty. I am married to Stephen, who is a super sweet, loyal and hard-working man. We have been together for twenty years and we have five children. We have two boys and three girls. We’ve been growing our family (or trying to) for almost the entire time we’ve known each other. Unfortunately, we experienced miscarriages as well as secondary infertility so it took us a long time to complete our family.

pregnant last fall with baby Isabella (now five months old)

By the name of my blog, you can tell that we live down south, yes? lol Well, we have a pretty relaxed lifestyle here in the southern heat. He works in concrete and I stay home with the kids. We homeschool and always have. Our oldest just graduated, our second will be starting high school soon, and our youngest student is seven years old. We also have a toddler and a baby.

I have been blogging pretty consistently since I started my first one (it was called Atlanta Mom of Three) in late 2012. I stayed with it until mid-2015 when I needed to step back from blogging for a little while. I tried having a private, journal-styled blog during that time but it felt too lonely so it didn’t last long. In the spring of 2016, I started a new blog (called Living Lighter in Atlanta) and regularly posted there for over a year. I again needed time away from an audience so I stepped back. Since then, I have tried a handful of blogs but none have felt right. Iā€™m feeling good about this one and hope to post here for a long time to come!

I hope you find Wife Atlanta Life to be encouraging and insightful. Thanks for stopping by!

Updated Oct 2018

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