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WIA While Breastfeeding 09/20/18

Hi and happy Friday! This is another what I ate (WIA) post. As a reminder, I am breastfeeding my seven month old and trying to eat healthy. I’m increasing my protein and vegetables while reducing my carbs. Here’s what my diet (way of eating) looked like yesterday: For breakfast, I had a bowl of Cinnamon… Continue reading WIA While Breastfeeding 09/20/18

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Thoughts & Happenings 09/20/18

For over a week now, our house has been filled to the brim with sickness! First Joshua (what a cough, poor guy!), then Maggie (hers was mild, thankfully), then Elizabeth (hers was mild, too, praise the Lord!), and now Samuel (he is on steroids for croup and is responding well). Stephen, Isabella and I haven’t… Continue reading Thoughts & Happenings 09/20/18

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WIA While Breastfeeding 09/16/18

Hi there! In this post I will be sharing what I ate (WIA) yesterday. A little back story first... Isabella is seven months old and we are still breastfeeding about every three hours during the day and she usually sleeps through the night. The baby weight continues to come off even though I've been kind… Continue reading WIA While Breastfeeding 09/16/18

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Thoughts & Happenings 9/14/18

I can’t believe it’s already the middle of September, can you?! This month has simply flown by, mostly because of good things going on. Isabella is seven months old and started cutting her first tooth a few days ago. 🙂 It’s super cute, of course! I’m a bit concerned for it coming in more, though,… Continue reading Thoughts & Happenings 9/14/18

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at Home | Part One

I have been afraid (terrified really) of my younger kids getting sick since 2005 because of my older son's experience (and subsequent experiences) with croup. But CBT is helping so much! Here is part one of the therapy I am doing. Less than a week after I filled this out, Isabella got roseola and I… Continue reading Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at Home | Part One