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Daily Life 11/13/18

School is getting blessedly easier!  Instead of trying to sit down with Samuel while Isabella naps and Maggie babysits Elizabeth, I’m including the little ones with our schooling and Maggie is doing other things. I’m pretty much holding Izzy as she complains because she won’t nap well at the moment, […]

Daily Life 11/12/18

What a terrible morning, gosh. But then, slowly and surely, things got better and by the end of the day, everything has become great! I did an art project with Samuel (rarely happens), Joshua cooked dinner with my help (a new thing around here), I made dessert with Samuel (again, […]

Daily Life 11/11/18

I had spotting a few days ago. It surprised me because I am mid-cycle and I don’t ever have anything but ovulation pain around this time. It also took my thoughts back to the spring of last year when I had that weird bleeding which turned out to be a […]